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Davidian High Priestess
3 July 1969
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I think it's time to update this. About me huh? I am a divorced mother of 4. My heart and soul live in New York City, but my body is being held hostage in Currituck, NC by an invalid parent and financial bankruptcy. Which means I'm also culturally bankrupt at the moment.

Reading and writing are my life, though the writing part has deserted me lately. I'm working on that though - and hopefully it'll pass eventually.

I'm unemployed again, and looking hard, but I'm a bit picky about where I work and what I do - so it may be a while before I manage financial independence again.

I'm the left-wing, bleeding heart liberal of the family (and let's face it, the whole damned county) and pretty proud of it. It's not easy to keep to your convictions in the middle of the bible belt, surrounded by preachers, evangelists and militia-type military personnel, but I'm hanging in there. It does explain my tendency towards insanity though ;)

I'm easy to talk to, I deal with stress through humor (and the funnier I am, the worse things usually are) and I'm great at handing out unsolicited advice - I just never take any ;) I'm in my mid 30's and should be classified as an adult by now, but my brain will never believe it and keeps me stuck at around 18 most of the time (though I can go back as far as 6 if the occasion calls for it).

Read, comment, hit me up on AIM. I'm a lonely old bitch most of the time, and I always enjoy the company.

Stargate: Atlantis is gateroom orgy love

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