Davidian High Priestess (pega) wrote,
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600 channels and still nothing to watch

For rosewildirish....who wanted R/R snuggling in front of the TV. Unbeta'ed. Possibly finished. Possibly WIP. That part I haven't decided yet. Too long to be a drabble, too short to be anything else.

Earth had never seemed so...alien.

There were 600 hundred channels on the TV, and still nothing to watch. At least 20 restaurants were within delivery range; but not one had macaroni with blue cheese (that's blue, not bleu) or mashed potatoes with pale blue butter.

Rodney sprawled on the sofa, channel surfing. He had reached the point where he didn't even stay on a single station long enough to see what it was before surfing up to the next. He was bored, bored, BORED, and really - some world, somewhere, must need saving. Right?

He sighed heavily, throwing the remote at the table and grumbling - quite loudly - about everything that was wrong. Radek rolled his eyes and saved the remote before it dashed against the table. "You are impossible to please." He snuggled back into Rodney's chest and turned to an old film noir that wasn't too objectionable. "When we are in Atlantis, you complain we do not have these things. Now that we are here, you complain that we have them."

Rodney grumbled some more, not quite so loudly this time, and wrapped one arm around Radek's shoulders. "The drivel they're showing on TV wouldn't entertain a four year old with ADD, let alone someone of my superior intelligence. How can you not expect me to point that out?"

Radek leaned his head far back on Rodney's shoulder, turning slightly so his lips brushed the other man's neck when he spoke. "I expect you to not look a gift horse in the mouth. If you are truly so disgusted by the conditions here, I am sure we can arrange with the SGC to return you to Atlantis ahead of schedule where you may fight off life sucking alien vampires all you wish." He knew that Rodney wished for no such thing, and the smug look on his face as he nuzzled Rodney's neck was justified when the other man began to back pedal.

"I never said I wanted to cut short our vacation, I just said that television sucks and that you'd think the advent of cable would have improved the quality - not lessened it - and what do you think you're doing?"

Rodney pulled back to try and look down at Radek who'd begun to nibble along the pulse point in his neck. "I? I am doing nothing." The czech's voice was a study in innocence - or would have been if he'd been able to cover the laughter. Rodney huffed and settled back into a more comfortable position against the cushions. "You're a terrible liar Radek. If you're going to continue to do it, you should take lessons from the Colonel, or something."

Radek continued to laugh quietly, even as he squirmed his way around, settling himself quite comfortably across Rodney's lap. "I shall keep this in mind if I decide to make a habit of telling falsehoods." His arms were now wrapped loosely around Rodney's waist; head nestled in the crook of his neck; eyes drifting closer to sleep with each owlish blink, and he'd never been more content in his life.
Tags: nyklfic
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